Easy Access

Flexlock is a modern wireless lock system for storage units. Unlock with a card, tag or mobile phone. Administer via computer or card. Which key will you choose?

Choose your application

Flexlock suits both private and public settings. A smart lock system that is tailored to the user’s needs.


Flexlock is an integral part of the smart office. Lockable storage can be integrated in both new and existing storage units.

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Gym and changing areas

Wooden or metal cabinets – it makes no difference. Open or private storage – the choice is yours. The key is integrated in an existing RFID card or tag.

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Make administration easier in public settings with extensive storage space and many users. Users and caretakers don’t have to manage keys.

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Retail premises

Flexlock ensures secure storage of valuable goods in shops and stores. Flexible management for those in charge as well as staff, with person-specific access control.

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Choose your key

Don’t complicate things unnecessarily. Flexlock has been designed with proven technology. Use your mobile or existing RFID cards to lock and unlock your digital locks.


The key that is always on you. Use your mobile at the office, gym or in school to lock and unlock your locker. Works with both iPhone and Android.


Flexlock can be integrated with other RFID tags. Add lockable storage to the card or tag you already have in the business or other operation. Flexlock has dedicated tags and key cards as an alternative.

Choose the type of administration

Different premises have different requirements. This is why there are many different ways of administering a smart lock system from Flexlock.


Central administration via computer. The user’s mobile transmits the data to the lock.

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Central administration via computer. Data is transmitted wirelessly to all locks via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

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Central administration via computer. Data is transferred manually to the locks via a Flexlock programming box.

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Local administration of each lock with a Flexlock programming card.

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