Buying guide

Which lock system best meets your needs? Flexlock is available in different versions, both as regards the locks themselves and in terms of how function and users are managed. Our checklist will give you a good idea of which solution works best for your business.


1. How are the locks to be used?

If there are only a few users, and the storage unit is used by the same person over a longer period, there is no great need for central administration. In large organisations with changing storage patterns and coworking office spaces, central administration of the locks is a big advantage. Read more about different ways of administering the locks.


2. How are your premises designed?

The design, floor plan and intended purpose of the premises will have a bearing on which solution best suits you. We will help you find a solution that suits your premises. Do not hesitate to ask us for advice.


3. How do you want to unlock?

Our locks can be unlocked with an RFID tag or using a smartphone. If you want to use a mobile phone as a key, you have to go with  Flexlock Smart. For other systems, all RFID devices will work as cards and tags.


4. What do your storage units look like?

The type of storage unit governs your choice of lock. Flexlock Invisible is fitted on the inside of the cabinet/locker door or drawer and suits most types of office storage unit. If a metal door or thick wooden cabinet doors prevent RFID signals or the mechanism of Flexlock Invisible from working, there are Flexlock Visible or Flexlock Public. Visible is a robust rotary lock which is fitted to the outside of the storage unit, whereas Public is an internal lock with an external antenna. Read more about our various locks.


We help you find the right solution

A short discussion with one of our experts can usually resolve any questions you may have. You will soon get an idea of which type of lock and administration best suits your business – Contact us and we will help you!

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Victoria Wallén

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