How Flexlock works

Flexlock is a flexible and secure lock system, easy to use and easy to integrate in various storage units in the workplace. The lock can be fitted to new and existing furniture items. The lock is controlled using a key card, fob or your mobile, and the lock’s function can be configured to your unique requirements, regardless of whether it is for permanent or temporary storage.

Flexlock can be implemented with the existing cards or tags used in the workplace without affecting existing systems. This means the same card can be used to access both the place of work and various storage units. The locks are battery-powered, maintenance-free, reliable in use and feature a long service life. Flexlock is a simple, smart, secure and durable lock solution.


Radio-frequency identification is a technology for reading information remotely. Flexlock is a compatible system that works with the most popular RFID technologies. It can use existing cards and tags, and Flexlock only reads general information and does not integrate with the network.


From installation to programming – everything is kept simple. This means you can easily re-program the lock to add or remove users – or to configure it with a different type of locking function. The locks are battery-powered and do not require an external power supply.


With its proven RFID technology and smart management cards, Flexlock is a good solution for the workplace, school, gym, shop and other businesses that need secure storage. Each user card has a unique ID number.


With Flexlock, you can customise the locks to the business, rather than the other way round. The locks are supplied programmed by default for permanent storage linked to one or more users. It is easy to change the lock’s functions with e.g. timer control to suit temporary storage. This makes Flexlock an excellent choice for the smart workplace.


All our locks and their integrated software are developed and manufactured in Sweden using proven, reliable technology. The locks can be upgraded so that you have access to the latest software and functions. With Flexlock, you get a durable lock system which is maintenance-free, reliable in use and features a long service life.


Flexlock is a wireless and secure lock system easily installed both in new and existing storage furniture. The lock is available in two models, Flexlock Visible and Flexlock Invisible. The locks can upgrade cabinets and drawers in for example offices and changing rooms.

Flexlock Invisible

Flexlock Invisible is the invisible lock which is fitted on the inside of the furniture. It gives the storage unit an elegant and neat appearance. The lock is easy to install, use and re-program as required. It suits many different types of storage unit and will work on both wooden and metal doors.

You can choose from four different ways of administering the locks. You can opt for cloud-based solutions such as Flexlock Smart, Flexlock Plug-in and Flexlock Wireless, or individual programming on site at each lock with Flexlock Card. Flexlock Invisible is battery-powered and does not require an external power supply.

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Flexlock Visible

Flexlock Visible is a robust rotary lock that allows you to replace the key locks of your existing storage cabinets and clothes lockers with a secure, digital lock system. It is particularly suitable for metal cabinets, but works just as well on cabinets made of wood. The lock suits most set-ups which currently rely on a cylinder lock with a diameter of 19 or 22 mm. The locks can be timer-controlled or programmed to limit the number of users, and have an LED which indicates when the storage unit is vacant. You can choose from three different ways of administering the locks: Flexlock Smart, Flexlock Plug-in or Flexlock Card. Visible is only available for Mifare 13.56 MHz.

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Lock plates

Choose lock plates based on the type of storage unit and the function you require on doors or fronts. We help you find the right solution for your business.

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Flexlock Låsbleck


There are four ways of administering your Flexlock lock system. Our cloud-based solutions Smart, Wireless and Plug-in allow central management of many locks in a short time. Locks connected to Smart and Wireless can be administered entirely remotely from a computer, whereas Plug-in requires an on-site update at the relevant lock. With the Card solution, you manage all administration manually on site at the lock, quickly and easily. We help you find the right solution for your business.

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In our short guide you can read about Flexlock’s various applications and which programming solution will best suit your business.

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The checklist is intended for those wishing to install Flexlock in existing storage units. How thick should the side panel of the cabinet be and will the lock work in a metal cabinet?

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Buying guide

Flexlock is a standalone lock, easy to manage both for an administrator and for users. Use our buying guide to get to know the various options available to you.

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