Flexlock – electronic furniture locks for the office

Flexlock’s electronic furniture locks are a natural part of the modern office. The battery-powered RFID locks can be easily integrated in both existing and new storage units, without the need for any tricky cabling.

Flexlock is an electronic lock system that meets all office needs. The function of each lock can be changed, e.g. from private to shared storage. This makes it an excellent solution for activity-based offices, and it is just as well suited for the office’s changing rooms or its bike garage. The locks can be timer-controlled to meet several different needs during the day.

You can opt to install the furniture locks on the outside or the inside of your storage unit. With the electronic lock on the inside of the unit, you get a neat and tidy storage solution. RFID locks are compatible with most access control systems and are installed without cabling.

You can choose from several different ways of administering your lock system, from cloud-based solutions to pre-programmed function and user cards for each lock. Read more about different ways of administering the locks.

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Victoria Wallén

Victoria Wallén

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