Flexlock – keyless lock for schools

A school environment has stringent requirements for secure and durable storage which can be easily administered. With a keyless lock system, you avoid lost keys and expensive lock changes.

Flexlock is compatible with most access control systems on the market, so it can be implemented in the school’s existing system. The locks can be installed in both existing and new storage units. With user cards and tags for students and staff, the lock system will be fully keyless.

Flexlock has two different lock versions suited to the requirements of a school environment. Existing storage solutions with cylinder locks can be easily replaced using Flexlock Visible. For installation of completely new lockers, where an unobtrusive design is required, Flexlock Public is a good alternative. Both lock models work on both wooden and metal doors.

There are several different ways of administering the lock system, from cloud-based solutions to pre-programmed function and user cards for each lock. Read more about different ways of administering the locks.

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Victoria Wallén

Victoria Wallén

Key Account Manager