Case: Vasakronan

Vasakronan opted for Flexlock Smart

Flexlock is a flexible lock system, and Flexlock Smart provided Vasakronan with easy, mobile-based administration of the locks on its storage units.

For a few years now, Vasakronan has been developing Sergelstan in Stockholm. In the districts around Sergels torg, Brunkebergstorg, Hötorget, Sergelgatan and along Hamngatan, buildings from the 1950s and 60s have been renovated and rebuilt. It has become an attractive area with a rich and varied range of shops, stores, restaurants, cafes, services and live attractions. An obvious place to spend time in. In 2021 Vasakronan decided to move its head offices here along with its “Arena” co-working concept.

The Arena has upmarket lounge settings with the possibility of hiring flexible workplaces, offices and meeting rooms. An area which has hundreds of visitors on a daily basis. All these spaces have storage facilities, both temporary and more permanent. 

For these storage facilities, Vasakronan required a lock system that involved minimum management and administration. What was needed was easy management of personal, shared and multipurpose locker locks. It had to be possible to use the same lock system for all storage facilities. Because the access control system to the property has mobile-based keys, the locks also had to be controllable from a mobile phone. All this required a flexible administration solution.

Since our locks with the Flexlock Smart administration are not wired in, they could offer flexibility and the ability to make changes to storage facilities. This matched the concept of “Smart and Ready” (“Smart o Klart”), comprising a number of ready-to-use offices available for hire. Easy management to meet present and future needs.


Flexlock is a flexible lock system for furniture and storage units. The system is based on RFID technology, and many customers use it as an extension of their existing access control system without an additional card for the user. The lock is available in two versions – Flexlock Invisible (fitted concealed on the inside) and Flexlock Visible (fitted on the outside). The locks are easy to fit, in both new and existing storage units. The system, which does not require any wiring, works for drawers, sliding doors, sliding-door cabinets and locker doors.

Vasakronan opted for Flexlock Invisible with a Smart module. Flexlock Smart is the administration option for those who want to use mobiles as the lock keys. The app on your mobile communicates with the lock and with the cloud, which is where the administration program is located. Administration is performed centrally from your computer and offers a high degree of flexibility. Changes and new authorisations are visible directly in the user’s app.

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Dick  Thunell

Dick Thunell

Sales Manager Nordic Countries