Checklist: Dimensional check when choosing a Flexlock solution

You want to install a lock in a new or existing storage solution. Flexlock provides a lock solution for most cabinets, drawers and sliding-door cabinets. This checklist will help you identify which dimensions you need to check before choosing your Flexlock product.

Board thickness

  • In storage units made of wood, plastic or other non-conductive material, the board thickness of the unit must not exceed 25 millimetres if correct operation is to be ensured.
  • The door on which the lock is fitted must be at least 14 millimetres thick to ensure the lock can be secured with the screws supplied with it. The lock can also be attached to thinner doors using a mounting plate available as an accessory.
  • If the door where the Flexlock lock is to be fitted is thicker than 25 millimetres, the lock will need to be recessed into it. Flexlock Invisible should be recessed 10 millimetres into the door. In such cases, a mounting clamp is recommended for securing the lock to the door. The mounting clamp is available as an accessory.
  • The lock plate is secured with screws to the storage unit, and the board to which the plate is fastened must be at least 12 millimetres thick. There must be 2 millimetres between the door and the storage unit when the lock is in the locked position

Metal cabinets

To ensure the RFID technology operates correctly on storage units made of metal and other conductive materials, an antenna amplifier is required. An antenna is available as an accessory for the Mifare lock (13.56 MHz).

Full installation instructions and mounting templates are available here.