With Flexlock, you can choose locks and administration that match your needs. Our cloud-based solutions Smart, Wireless and Plug-in allow central management of many locks in a short time. Locks connected to Smart and Wireless can be administered entirely remotely from a computer, whereas Plug-in requires an on-site update at the relevant lock. With the Card solution, you manage all administration manually on site at the lock, quickly and easily. What solution works best for your business?


With Flexlock Smart, you use mobile phones as keys. The mobile application communicates directly with the lock and the cloud service. You manage administration from your computer, giving you a great deal of flexibility. Changes and new authorisations are visible directly in the user’s app.

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With Flexlock Wireless, you can take care of all administration via a wireless connection to the cloud. All changes are effected remotely, without you needing to be on site. It is a solution that suits businesses with changing storage needs that want to be able to manage many locks and users in a seamless and structured way. Wireless supports all types of RFID cards and tags.

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With Flexlock Plug-in, you handle all administration centrally, with data being stored in the cloud. It is an easy way of administering the system, with functions and authorisations being transferred on site for each individual lock. Transfer takes place seamlessly with just one press of a button via a programming box that is connected by cable to each lock.

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With Flexlock Card, you manage the locks on site by means of a function card and a user card. This is our default administration method. The system represents value for money and is straightforward and easily managed by any member of staff. Because it does not have central storage of lock and user data, it is a good choice for businesses that administer a small number of locks and are looking for straightforward management.

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