Flexlock Invisible 2.0 Wireless

Art. no>: 372020-W

Flexlock Invisible 2.0 Wireless

Art. no: 372020-W

The lock for a smarter office. Installed out of sight on the inside of the furniture, for easy opening without fittings. Admin via Wireless.

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Same lock as Flexlock Invisible 2.0 but with Wireless admin. Available only for Mifare 13.56 MHz.

Flexlock Invisible is fitted on the inside of the furniture so that it is never visible from the outside, giving the furniture an elegant and neat appearance. The lock is managed using a key card and can be easily re-programmed to add or remove users – or to configure it with a different type of locking function. Flexlock Invisible can be installed in both new and existing storage units. The lock comes with a lock plate that fits various types of furniture. The lock is battery-powered and does not require an external power supply. The lock works with standard hinges and self-closing hinges.

The technology that controls the lock can be implemented in existing tags or key cards used in the workplace without interfering with existing systems. Management cards for programming and function settings are sold separately. The default setting is that one or more users are linked to the lock, which then functions as private storage for one person or a group. You can also choose from five different function cards that configure the lock to settings other than the default one.

  • Installed out of sight on the inside of the furniture
  • Easy handling and management
  • Easy to customise to the needs of the workplace
  • Easy to install, easy to use