Cards and tags

Can I use any card or tag I like?

Flexlock is available in two versions, Mifare and EM. This means it is compatible with most cards and tags, but you should always perform a test to check that the card is actually compatible with the system the lock uses. Cards that have a dynamic UID (the card’s internal numbers are changed when it is used) cannot be used, as the lock will not recognise the card again.

To ensure Flexlock and its RFID technology operate to best advantage with our cards, the lock may only be fitted to storage units made of wood, plastic or other non-conductive material with a maximum board thickness of 25 mm. A mounting clamp is available as an accessory which allows you to use thicker doors or cards/tags with poorer reading distances. The Mifare accessories also include an antenna allowing you to use doors made of metal or other conductive materials (or thick doors).

When using your own cards/tags, check beforehand that they are compatible with Flexlock and have adequate locking capacity.


Can the cards be demagnetised?

No, but do not present several cards at the same time, as they may interfere with one another. Similarly, do not bend cards, as they may break.


What happens if you lose a card or tag?

All locks should have a service card programmed in. The service card acts as a master key. This helps you open the storage unit if you happen to have lost your card.

To delete cards that you no longer have from the lock, the lock must be reset to its default setting. All users will then disappear and those you wish to retain must therefore be re-added.


Can several cards/tags be used for the same lock/storage unit?

For default setting Mode 1 and Mode 2, you can have multiple users. For Flexlock EM, you can have up to 45 users, and for Flexlock Mifare up to 200 users. The locks come supplied in default setting unless otherwise specified.


Storage and doors

Can you have any thickness of door/drawer?

If the door where the lock is to be fitted is thicker than 25 mm or if you need thinner doors because of tags or cards with a poorer reading distance, the lock will have to be recessed into the door. In such cases, you will need the mounting clamp accessory to secure the lock. Another option is to use an external antenna. Antennas are only available for Mifare. Check that your cards can read through the doors before ordering.

If the door where the lock is to be fitted is thinner than 14 mm or is made of a material that prevents screws being driven in (e.g. metal, plastic, glass), a mounting plate is available as an accessory.


Can the door or drawer be made of any material?

If metal doors or doors made of other conductive materials are to be used, either a Flexlock Visible or Flexlock Invisible lock will be needed with an antenna accessory. Antennas are only available for Mifare. Antennas can also be used if you have tags with poorer reading distances and the door is too thick in terms of the reading distance. The dimensions of the antenna plate are 40x40 mm, which also allows the antennas to conceal any existing keyholes in doors where an old key-operated lock has been replaced with Flexlock.


Where should I position the lock and lock plate?

The positioning of the lock and lock plate depends on the type of storage unit in which they are to be installed. Always begin with making sure that all storage units, doors and drawers are assembled parallel and correctly adjusted. For further installation instructions, see the section Installation. There are also templates available to help speed up installation. You will find descriptions of the templates in the same section.