Case: The school environment

Flexible and secure lock system for schools

A school environment requires smart solutions. Storage facilities that are subject to heavy wear and tear and which have a number of different needs. These lockers need a lock system that works. A solution that is flexible to administer but also robust and secure. No more mix ups with keys. Flexlock contributes to a smarter school day, for pupils as well as school staff.

Storage is important for pupils and students. This is where they want to be able to securely store valuable items, such as laptops, mobile phones, clothes and their school work. If a pupil happens to lose access to the locker, an administrator must always be able to check and open it. This also minimises the risk of pupils concealing forbidden items in their lockers and helps create a safer and more secure school environment!

Before each new school year, there may need to be a change of user for each locker. This needs to be managed in a secure and simple way. Different premises have different requirements. This is why there are many different ways of administering a lock system from Flexlock. Central administration solutions with wireless data or on site at each individual lock using programming cards.

Regardless of whether the locks are to be used in a primary school, high school, college or university, they can be tailored to the way in which the lockers are used. Are the lockers to be used for a term or for an entire school year? Are the pupils to be assigned a permanent locker or are they to be able to choose them for themselves? Is the storage temporary or permanent? Does it need to be time-controlled or restricted to a certain number of users? Flexlock can be easily reconfigured and enables different functions for each individual lock.

Case: Mälardalen University College in Eskilstuna where both students and staff use Flexlock for student lockers and storage facilities for course materials

Case: From a school in Lahtis, Finland. Photo: ISKU. Photographer: Jenni-Maria Könönen

Case: Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg. Student’s locker with Flexlock.

Case: Linnaeus University in Kalmar where both students and staff use Flexlock for student lockers and storage facilities for course materials.


Flexlock is a flexible lock system for furniture and storage units. The system is based on RFID technology, and many customers use it as an extension of their existing access control system without an additional card for the user. The lock is available in two versions – Flexlock Invisible (fitted concealed on the inside) and Flexlock Visible (fitted on the outside). The locks are easy to fit, in both new and existing storage units. The system, which does not require any wiring, works for drawers, sliding doors, sliding-door cabinets and locker doors.

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Dick  Thunell

Dick Thunell

Sales Manager Nordic Countries