Flexlock Plug-in is a simple system that makes full use of the advantage of having central administration and data stored in the cloud. The locks’ functions and authorisations are modified in the cloud and transferred to the locks via a programming box. The locks are updated manually via the programming box, which is connected to each lock in question by cable and a simple press of a button.

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Flexlock Plug-in is easy to learn how to use and cost-effective to install. The system is particularly good for businesses and other operations that have a lot of users for each lock.

Here is a brief outline of how Flexlock Plug-in works:

  • Run as a secure cloud service and administered via a web browser.
  • Provides easy management and an excellent overview of locks and users.
  • The user card is read in securely via our USB card reader.
  • The users manage the locks with RFID cards or tags.
  • The system stores battery status and a simple lock history.
  • Easy and secure to administer e.g. a lost user card.
  • The lock is wireless and battery-powered, with all the flexibility this entails.
  • Existing locks, Invisible 13.56 MHz, can easily be upgraded to Flexlock Plug-in.
  • The system meets current GDPR legislation.

Flexlock Plug-in is easy to install and can be managed with a minimum of training. Plug-in is a cost-effective and simple system that ensures all your locks are kept in good order, with structured administration.

This solution is sold as “software as a service” (SAAS) and you sign up to it on the basis of a contract. The contract also includes a service level agreement (SLA) and data processing agreement (DPA).

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