Handling and management

Remember to always present the card by holding it straight over the centre of the lock. Wait 7 seconds between attempts if it does not work straight away.

If you opt to add a label as an identification aid for the storage unit, make sure it is positioned centrally in relation to the lock. (See also the section Installation, Template for marking the position of the lock centre.)

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Locks in Mode 1 and Mode 2

For a lock in default setting Mode 1 and Mode 2, you need a user card that is programmed for the lock. You open the lock by holding your user card straight over the lock.

To lock in the default setting, you hold the card over the lock again. In Mode 2, the lock automatically locks after 4 seconds, so that you only need to close the storage unit for it to be locked.

The number of users per lock in Mode 1 and 2 are 1–45 for EM and 1–200 for Mifare.

Locks in Mode 3, 4, 5 and Any User Timer

When a lock is in Mode 3, 4, 5 or Any User Timer any compatible RFID card (or tag) may be used. Examples of applications are public lockers at swimming baths and in cloakrooms, etc.

The lock is locked by holding any compatible RFID card (or tag) over the lock. To open again, the exact same RFID card (or tag) has to be held over the lock. Once the lock has been opened it is ready for a new user.

Note that no other card (or tag) can open the lock once the locker is presumed occupied (apart from the service card which is the master key).

Ready to Use

When a lock has the Ready to Use function, any compatible RFID card (or tag) may be used. The user who is to use the storage unit places their RFID card (or tag) over the lock. The lock will then only work for this RFID card (or tag), and the user thereby has a private storage space.

The lock now works like a lock in default setting Mode 1 or Mode 2.