Guide: This is how to use Flexlock for private and public storage


Flexlock is a lock system for furniture and storage units. The locks have integrated RFID technology and can be used together with existing pass cards and lock systems if so desired. The locks are stand-alone devices and are programmed individually with the programming card supplied with them.

Each lock has integrated software with five different programming settings. Read our compact, easy-to-follow guide for a quick summary of Flexlock’s applications.


1. Private storage in offices and other workplaces

Use Mode 1 which is the default setting. In this mode one or more users are linked to the lock. The lock then functions as private storage for one person or a group.


2. Private storage in shops, schools and offices

Mode 2 has the same function as Mode 1, with one crucial difference. The default position of the lock is locked. Four seconds after the lock is unlocked, it locks again automatically. Just like Mode 1, Mode 2 functions as private storage for one individual user or a group.


3. Storage in gyms, swimming baths and activity-based offices

Mode 3 is for storage that is used on a temporary basis. No specific user is linked to the lock in this setting. The lock is open until someone with a compatible card or tag locks it. The same card must then unlock the storage unit. If another card tries to unlock the lock, an error signal is emitted. The lock is left in the open position after being unlocked. In Mode 3, the lock is not time-controlled.

Mode 4 and 5 have the same function as Mode 3, but with a time restriction of 12 or 2 hours. Once the time limit has been reached, the storage unit is unlocked automatically. These functions are common in changing rooms.